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What certificates do the products have?

BIO Certificate: 99% of the total ingredients are of natural source, including water or products of mineral origin and contains in its formulation a minimum of 22% of certified organic origin.
NAT certified: All ingredients are of natural and mineral source, including water.
VEGAN certified: It does not contain any products or subproducts of animal source and of course it has not been tested on animals or their over-exploitation is used.

What are UVA and UVB rays?

UV rays come from the sun, specifically:
UVA rays penetrate deeper into the lower layers of the skin and are responsible for premature ageing, spots and wrinkles, as well as causing skin cancer.
UVB rays penetrate the outermost layers of the skin and are responsible for the tanning of your skin.
But be careful, too much sun exposure without protection can lead to sunburn and skin damage.
IBISUN protects you against UVA and UVB rays. All products are subject to a series of tests to prove their effectiveness before they are put on the market.

Is it true that if it's cloudy I don't need sunscreen?

Don’t be mistaken, ultraviolet radiation acts every day of the year and its effects are not reduced, even on cloudy days. It is important to use sunscreen at all times of the year and every day.

What is the difference between physical and chemical filters?

Mineral/physical filters (non-nano titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) act like a screen reflecting the rays like a mirror, preventing them from penetrating the skin.
Physical filters absorb UV rays. They are prohibited in organic cosmetics.
Chemical filters are made from synthetic molecules, in contrast to mineral filters that are naturally present in the environment.
In regions such as Hawaii, sun creams with chemical filters have been banned because they are harmful to the coral reef and the environment.

What does the symbol mean?

The PAO symbol stands for Period After Opening, which is the shelf life of a cosmetic product from the moment we open the container. It represents an opened cosmetic jar with a number of months or years printed on it.

What is SPF (Sun Protection Factor)?

SPF measures the amount of ultraviolet radiation that reaches our skin. The higher the SPF number, the less radiation will pass through the sunscreen.
Additionally, protect yourself by wearing a hat, sunglasses and appropriate clothing.

If I apply SPF 50 sunscreen, I won't get tanned.

False! The skin defends itself against the sun’s UV rays by producing melanin (which gives the skin its tan). Sunscreens always let some light through, which allows tanning, even if it takes longer, it is safer and more controlled, and the tan is more persistent.

Does the sunscreen leave a white trace?

We have managed to reduce the white trace of mineral filters to a minimum. However, mineral filters have a white pigment, so a slight white film is necessary, but in this case, it is a guarantee of a healthy and natural protection.


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Have I placed my order correctly?

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